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What is SPS System?

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (SPS) software enables rapid and flexible capacity planning, production scheduling, and seamless integration (Material Requirements Planning) with your existing ERP system.

  • Increase sales revenue by achieving faster production lead times.
  • Reduce inventory by aligning manufacturing with demand.
  • Lower unit costs through more efficient production operations.
  • Improve policies through capacity visibility, scenarios, and analysis.

Production Scheduling Features


Fast calculation speed

Create schedules at ultra-fast speeds using limited-capacity scheduling


Intuitive visualization

You can see at a glance the timeline stretching from the current status of the shop floor to the next few months, allowing you to quickly and accurately quote handover dates


less inventory

Shorten production lead times to achieve reductions in work-in-process inventory


Seamless system integration

You can use differential data import and export to minimize the amount of data exchanged between SPS and existing systems

About us

Shangjian, from Chinese homophonic entropy reduction, meaning optimizing structures and enhancing order. As a genuinely AI decision-making company, Shangjian Intelligence relies on world-leading operations optimization algorithms and deep learning decision models, dedicated to providing solutions for complex management decision problems in the manufacturing industry. Shangjian Intelligence's data-driven supply chain management solutions can bring significant improvements in revenue and costs to enterprises, enabling every manufacturing enterprise to have optimal decision-making capabilities and achieve intelligent upgrades.

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Shangjian Products

Shangjian Products

Smart Plan Schedule SPS

Smart Plan Schedule SPS

Shangjian Intelligence's independently developed SPS, utilizing deep learning optimization and GPU parallel computing, significantly enhances decision-making capabilities, substantially improves various production scheduling indicators, achieving minute-level production scheduling; Data-driven multi-objective optimization module can simultaneously consider efficiency, delivery time, and cost indicators, supporting customized priority settings for customer-specific metrics; Interactive KPI dashboard enables features such as parameter reloading, production time segmentation, KPI analysis, capacity monitoring, and automatically generates reports.

Flexible Decision

Industrial output increased by 19%
Number of orders processed increased by 24%
On-Time Shipment Rate increased by 3.5 times
Production scheduling time reduced from 6 hours to 1.5 minutes per day

Scheduling Gantt Chart

Display the schedule Gantt chart of the currently effective work orders, display the daily work task list information of each work center, and display the daily workload of each work center What-if simulation, which can simulate sudden production line failures, customer insertion or withdrawal of orders, and other emergencies. The system automatically optimizes scheduling results and supports manual drag and drop adjustments.



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